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    Sometimes people just give way too much information. I'm one of those people... Enjoy!

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    Wednesday, February 02, 2005

    Happy Birthday, Lor!

          I'm so excited that it's Lauren's birthday today! The big nineteen! I feel like it was yesterday that I just turned eighteen and here she comes stealing my thunder lol. It's okay I'll forgive her... perhaps...
         Anyway, I'm looking forward to going to class tomorrow. I actually miss not going sometimes. I actually think it's that I really miss seeing Jess and Lor at school. They are such nuts and I love having class with them. Anthropology here we come! I think that us three are going to be anthropology majors with Seany and cause a ruckus with dr whatever his name is... whittemore! Got it!
         So I'm doing laundry at 3 in the morning. Who AM I? I do'nt know why I do such random things at random hours. I mean I had all day to do laundry but instead I did other stuff- like go hang out with my friends and clean out the car. Cleaning out the car was actually rather productive. My friends like doing random shit to my car and leaving really strange things in it. I'll never understand them. MESSY FOLKS!
         Then again, I used to always leave shit in Victor's car, so I can't really complain too much. But there's a difference between a water bottle and a garsh tube or baggie lol... What am I going to do with these people?
         Well, I really miss Elyse! She's been gone for a few days and it's kindof a bummer that she's not here to see the crazy shit. She missed Greg exercising yesterday which I might add was absolutely classic. He just busted out the weights and started stretching. I'm not exactly sure why he does these things sometimes. Then I remember that he's Greg and it all slowly starts to make sense.
         I got a good amount of math homework done again today. Whenever I get bored I just bust out the math book and start doing assignments. It's easy and I can teach it to myself which is a huge advantage because I end up being done with homework like months before we even get to it in class. Last year I finished my entire math course by the time midterms rolled around. We'll see if there's a repeat of that this time... Hmmm...
         Anyway, it's getting fairly late and I should find something more productive to do with my time, like brush up my cons for tomorrow so that me lor and jess can look like hot studs in anthropology class tomorrow... Hmm... maybe we'll do lunch*
    Sweet Dreams, All!

    Posted at 02:56 am by Christiney

    Monday, January 31, 2005
    Somebody's got a case of the Mondays

    Well, Dubya's done it again! Yesterday morning I turned on the television only to find this assie yapping about the elections in Iraq. He said, "The Iraqis have chosen freedom!" I changed the channel, then realized what an assmunch he is. No one chose anything. HE decided to invade Iraq and kill people like crazy. No one called Bush and said, "hey dude, we want freedom, come back us up, bitch" I shouldn't get started on this. Bush is just a sore subject. I simply found the picture amusing seeing as how he's a complete douche. Oh well. So I overslept today, which sucked. I didn't wake up til it was too late to go to class, and I felt SO sick. I was like screw that I'm not going to go to school today. I hung out at Dean's with Greg pretty much all afternoon. There really wasn't much to do. Another day in the neighborhood! Anyway, I've got no school tomorrow and nothing to do, so I'm going to find something productive to do with my time- like homework! TTYL <3

    Posted at 11:01 pm by Christiney
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    Boys are Poopies


    Well, boys never seem to stop. No matter how much credit I try to give them, it just doesn't seem to work. Greg fucked up royally! He managed to fuck shit up for both Dean and I in less than 24 hours. First, he gets pulled over and gets into all kinds of bullshit, second, he leaves his bowl in my driveway. I'd really love for someone to clarify for me how one loses their bowl like that. He's got a case with a zipper- and the thing isn't weightless. He somehow managed to drop it in my driveway and leave it there. My parents found it, and of course, I got lectured repeatedly. Moms... they never stop.
    Today was another completely un-productive day. I woke up way too late and realized that I didn't feel any better than yesterday. I scrambled up to make Jess and Lor their copies for Anthropology class. I felt so bad that I didn't do it yesterday, and I went crazy copying at light speed this morning. Let's hear it for my dad's photocopier thingy.
    Speaking of Anthropology, I still haven't done any of my homework. Homework which is due tomorrow! AAH! I'm out of here* Sweet dreams, all! <3

    Posted at 01:13 am by Christiney